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ISSN 2312-9352 (Online)

 About journal

The journal is created on publishing platform RAE Editorial System (see: and on a server 1Gb (, is the quarterly electronic scientifically-practical edition. The magazine is registered 11/5/2012 in System COPYTRUST - protection of intellectual property, the rights of authors and the adjacent rights. Registration number 07N-4S-SH. For viewing of the status of registration

 The journal - Special release for International scientific (scientifically-practical, scientific-theoretical) conferences of Southern Siberia on various directions of psychological, pedagogical sciences and for materials on medical subjects: «PEM: Psychology. Educology. Medicine» [ПЭМ: Psychology. Эдукология. The medicine] also is the appendix to scientific magazine «the Bulletin on pedagogics and psychology of Southern Siberia», published on the paper carrier. The Magazine-appendix is the reviewed electronic proceeding scientifically-practical edition. All materials pass internal reviewing by associate editors, boards of external reviewers (or through reviewing by external experts). ISBN-number is appropriated to all collections published on a paper basis.

The magazine purpose - maintenance of professional communications between researchers and experts in pedagogics, psychology, medicine, representation of results of new psychological researches, introduction of new scientific and applied workings out in practice of work of establishments of formation, attraction of young colleagues to professional dialogue.

Rules for authors are described in section «Rules for authors»

Access to magazine and publications free.

E-mail of magazine (editor), (the responsible secretary).

Periodicity of the appendix (special issues) no more than 4 numbers in a year. The quantity of numbers in a year is defined by volume, and subjects the maintenance of a portfolio of the editor.



The editor-in-chief mr.  Leonid F. Chuprov.





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